Friday, May 21, 2010

May already??

I can't believe I let a month slip right on by there. In my defense I started back to work and was trying to get little G on somewhat of a schedule. Schedule not so much now that he is at 2 grandmothers' house during the week while I am at work. Once he is home he is on one. Weird.

Going back to work wasn't so bad. I sneak off at lunch to see him and feed him, so it break sup the day. He is getting big.

Lots of little knitting projects happening too. There was a baby shower at work this week so I had been working on things for her including:
These adorable baby cloths! I love the patterns and want to get more designs from this creative person!

Plus a small hat and thumbless mitts and

this fun little crocheted baseball cap. Little G is modeling. I will have to make him one in a bigger size. It is a cute pattern and fits really well!

Only a few more weeks of work until summer vacation which is nice. Plus I got my first paycheck today which helps too! Too bad the weather has to be so darn hot here during May! Can't it wait until school's out?

Hope everyone is doing well out there. I am off to check in on a few of your blogs!
Happy weekend!