Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Monday and Tuesday

Monday was cold, but some what sunny.... Ah... but Tuesday.... a windy cloudy day today. We had sunshine this morning and driving rain and hail this afternoon...  boys did a nice job of getting lots of things done this morning and they did a beautiful job of playing today this afternoon.

Small buds on my lilacs

They have been in a Lego mood for several days.  They have been watching Ninjago and pulling out old Legos sets to play with that have those characters.  Gianni has been practicing his trumpet daily.  Monday he decided to try to fill up his band instructor’s bingo board.  One square was to show someone maintaining the instrument and another square was play for a family member.... check.

Lots and lots of Legos

Had several supplies in the cabinet that were leftover from the holidays... so I made mint muddy buddies.  They were delicious!  We did mix them with pretzels too as they were strong,  it fun. This was the mint recipe we used.  The mint m&ms were eaten long ago, but they were good without them.

Sunday, April 19, 2020

Sunny Sunday... finally!

Oh the weather has been awful lately... cold, windy, rainy, snowy, you name it!  Today the sun came out and oh man it was a gorgeous day!  We played outside most of the day.  The boys did a great job playing together after being short with each other inside the past few days.... they had free reign outside.  They played on both sides of the house, helped rake a new trail in our woods, caught (and released) pollywogs!  Boy were there some big ones!  I even noticed a turtle in our pond!  So excited to have a small turtle in our pond!  Hope to get a picture of two soon.  We have had a lot of visits at our pond this week.   A blue heron several days ago, ducks everyday, and a bald eagle in the sky today too.

I had three home cooked meals today.  Most days one meal is leftovers, but not today!  Husband made French toast for breakfast with farm fresh eggs and local syrup.  Then I tried out a new recipe for honey lime tofu.  Delish!  Then homemade pizza from scratch for dinner.... a good dessert would be asking too much!

Little one got a new set of paints in his Easter basket, so while the big boys raked the trail, this one decided to hang with me and try his new paints. 

I have been reading and knitting.. lots of hats actually.... 

Friday, April 17, 2020

Last week and Easter

Last week or two just flew by... kids did school work, got outside to walk, cold windy weather!  Easter came and went.  Luckily for me and the kids I had put away lots of little things and grabbed special chocolate the very last time I went to the market back in February or early March.  They got a graffiti sidewalk chalk set to share.  They had fun trying it out on our driveway.

Some of the days we had to find things to do inside as it did rain a bit as well as terrible winds.  We pulled out our shrinks dink machine.  They colored and created.  Sometimes they ended up with sculptures rather than flat pieces.  But they were happy.  What boy doesn’t love to color bugs! And maybe. A few Halloween creatures too.

 When we did get outside I think there was one really nice day where the sun helped warm us.  No jackets for a short time!  My husband got out the walkie-talkies and they loved this new game!  The little one took over as boss!

We also learned yesterday that we would now be out of school until May 15th.  A lot of states who finish a lot earlier than NY are calling off school altogether.  My sister is in Texas and they are done for the year.  Here is to a peaceful weekend ahead!