Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Oh the horror!

Craziness ensued last night. We have a bees nest in the siding of our house that we were watching... Well DH bought bee and wasp killer last night and sprayed the nest around 6pm... because they were in the siding and one end of the nest was being killed, they tried to find other ways out! We had bees in the bathrooms and bees in the spare room trying to survive! Vey nightmare-ish! DH had to drive to the store at 10pm to buy more spray! I went to bed at 11pm (after Last Comic Standing... Go house 2!!) and he stayed up to watch the happenings! This morning we woke to no live bees in the house and lots of dead ones inside and outside! Gross! We also think our dog has been acting strange because he's been stung by some bees that got inside. He sleeps in the spare room... poor little guy. Hopefully all the bees are dead and we won't have anymore trouble! Keep your fingers crossed for us!

On a positive note this is what I woke to this morning:
Lovely Morning Glories on my Lamp Post


At 5:14 PM, Blogger Maureen said...

YIKES!!!! I hope your bees are dead as doornails. Very nice blog you have here.... I went to leave Kim a message on her blog and saw my name. I thought...hmmmm... I must have already left her a message. I love your baby sweater, you did a great job. I can see we have more in common than our names and knitting and crocheting. We have the same taste in books too. I could see them in the pic with your kitty. Thanks for adding me to your blog reads. I am flattered. Happy Knitting!!

At 6:22 PM, Blogger Kimberly said...

Glad all the bees are gone! That had to be awful.
Hope they are all gone and you never have to deal with them again.
The flowers are gorgeous!


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