Wednesday, September 01, 2004

missed out...

Funny I was excited about everyone in blog-land having secret pals and loved seeing all the lovely goodies exchanged... then I found out that there was a new one! SP3 but sadly it is closed! Probably for the better since I will start back to work soon enough, but man it woul dhave been so much fun! There's always trying out for #4!

Good news... all the bees seem to be gone! Although we think a few might have stung the dog! Poor sad Bailey! DH is taking him to the vet today.

More good news! I am almost done with my hummingbird doily! Just a fourth of it left to go. Should be finished later tonight if all goes well since I am on the decreasing side and I love the fact that the rows get smaller from here on!


At 1:56 PM, Blogger Kathi said...

hi maureen! i was also disappointed to discover that SP3 is closed. i hope your puppy feels better. if it's any consolation, i can send you an "i am loved" pin! just let me know...and thanks for the help with the email thing.


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