Sunday, September 05, 2004

I feel like Alice Cooper's daughter

I feel like Alice Cooper's daughter in the new Staples commercial... "I thought you said school's out forever!" How I would love never to work again and knit, garden and read all the time... like I do in the summer! But alas, school is around the corner and I will have to start working again on Tuesday!! With several meetings and no knitting! Hmmm. Not sure I am liking this. Don't get me wrong, I love my job. I am an elementary school librarian, but I would love to be retired! Only 23 more years to go! Woohoo! I already told my husband that I want them to play Alice's tune "school's out forever" at my retirement party! See how well planned I am!

I was mistaken and when I counted the blankets I had in my pile for my charity meeting, there were already 4 completed. I have been working fast and furious and have one more ready to go in the pile to take on Sept 28th. Well I am on the edging. Still hoping to get at least 8 done total to bring with me! We shall see now that I have books to fill my daytime hours with soon enough and creating only in the evening. I figured I would crochet the majority of them since I can crochet faster than knit. But I am happy to say I am getting much faster! It took me several weeks to complete my first pair of socks, but it only took five days (on vacation of course) to finish my last pair! All this poncho talk is distracting me from my charity blankets. So many new and very cute ones are popping up everywhere! Ones on the Lionbrand site and the Yarn Harlot's easy poncho too! I did already make one for myself, but can you have too many ponchos this year? I remember wearing them as a kid heading off to school with my wooden clogs and long hair pony tails coming off each side of my head!! Do I need to buy new shoes to go with my new poncho?


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