Sunday, July 04, 2010

Happy 4th!

Sorry I have been MIA for a bit. Heading back to work left me with no real "free time" for the computer. Little G doesn't like being where the computer is, so I canonly get here when he is sleeping (and I have been sleeping when he does) or if huby has him. But I haven't been able to stay on for too long.

Have been knitting too... when I can...
Made this cute little mock cable hat for G last month before I had to return the book to the library.

Made him a few bibs for those droolly occasions.

And lastly husband's birhtday socks:
Just a lot of leftovers in his favorite colors.

I have a sweater for my niece on the needles as well as a pair of socks for me too. I am out of school for the summer, so I am going to enjoy every minute I have! Mom, G, and Me took a road trip last week to VA. to visit my sister and her family. G did great in the car. We broke the trip in half each way with a stop in PA. for the night each direction. We had a lot of fun. Boy is it hot in VA. Not sure I could do that for long. Of course we are starting our own heat weave today. Hope we survive the humidity!

Tomorrow I am getting back on the exersice wagon. Since I started back to work I haven't even been able to do much walking with G in the carriage. SO I hope to get him outside during the mornings while it is cooler. Plus I am taking an ourdoor bootcamp class for the month of July! I hope I survive that too! Just realy needed a jumpstart to my routine. I like to workout at home, but I figured this would get me out doing something by myself while hubby watching little G or drops him off at one of the grandmother's for the morning.

Glad to get a chance to check in. Will post a new pic of G soon as he just turned 5 months on Friday! Where does the time go?


At 9:13 AM, Anonymous Karen said...

Everything is great! I can't believe you can fine time to knit.
I can't believe G is 5 months old. Time sure does fly!


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