Thursday, March 18, 2010

A new LYS is in the works!

Sadly a few months ago one of our LYS closed down due to high rent, etc, but she ended up selling the business and it is almost ready to open up again! Hopefully it will be a wonderful new place to visit and spend time at. I was hoping it was already open, but she needs a little more time to deal with all the yarn... doesn't that sound promising?

Well, little G is keeping me very busy, but I have a little help most days, so I can run an errand or take a nap. Both my mom and my hubby's mom have been wonderful these past 6 weeks! I can't believe little G is already 6 weeks old! How fast the time goes....

Yes, I have been knitting while little one sleeps or eats. A friend had twins right before me, so I made these two garden hats for her daughters...
The pattern was super easy and even putting the flowers on was much like adding a bead. Hope they like their new hats.

I have also been trying to use up a little stash. SO I have been working on a few scarves as gifts. That's about all from here today. I'll show you the cute hat I made for Little G next time!


At 6:17 PM, Anonymous Karen said...

The hats are just adorable. I bet they'll be well loved and well used.
How lucky to get a new LYS. I hope it's wonderful.
I can't believe baby G is 6 weeks old already. The time just flies.

At 7:46 AM, Blogger Batty said...

Those garden hats are so cute. And... new LYS! One of ours closed and wasn't replaced, and I lost the cross stitch store. You're so lucky she's opening the store again.


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