Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

I figured I would squeeze in a quick (pictureless) post today since I won't really be around too much tomorrow. And any time I do have, I would like to be knitting. We are heading to my mom's tomorrow afternoon. I made a peanut butter mousse pie today to bring. Tomorrow I will be making some stuffing and some roasted green beand to bring. Being a vegetarian, turket dinner isn't as fun as you might think. Although I do enjoy stuffing (my own) and mashed potatoes! Can't wait for those.

On the knitting front. I hope to have a few pictures to show you tomorrow. I made a purple hat to match Gracie's sweater. I was thinking a pair of mittens would put this outfit over the top, but I am not sure I will have too much time to get everything else done. All the pieces of trellis are complete. I have been putting off putting it all together, but I hope to get that done tomorrow or Friday. I finished the Noro Fake Fair Isle hat today, but it is too small. There isn't much give in the yarn. I will rip it out and reknit the pattern in a bigger size for my husband. I pull out sock yarn today too. I have to get started on the Iris Garden for the 6soxKAL and some yarn for a pair for my DH. Lots to get done over the next few weeks. I would like to knit Ellie a bib or two from the ONE SKEIN book... will I find the time? I certain hope so!

AS for Friday, I am dropping the car off for snow tires and an oil change, then I will be "stuck" in one place for a while!~ Yeah me!

Hope you all have a wonderful and enjoyable Thanksgiving!!


At 7:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't believe how many things you have knit. You must knit really quickly.
Have you seen the bibs in the Mason Dixon knitting book? They are plain but very nice.
Good Luck with the Iris Garden socks. A lot of people have had trouble with size. I did go up a needle size but I knit tightly.
Happy Thanksgiving


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