Saturday, January 12, 2008

Another week gone by

No pictures today. I have been working on my simple shrug and am actually on the second sleeve. I finished the back last night and am looking forward to getting the sleeve done and adding the collar! I hope I can finish today?!?!? Ok, this weekend really.

Next up is one for the following:
1. BSJ - baby yarn scraps
2. Hidden in your shoes - 6SoxKAL pattern
3. SOTS-ii - red cashmere
4. cardigan - newly purchased pattern
5. thrummed mittens - alooselyknitgroup kal

I have several things I want to cast on for... I love small projects like socks or baby sweaters. Bigger pieces are sometimes too much for me especially since I work on only one project at one time. I like start to finish. I hope the shrug finishes quickly this weekend!

I have also joined several stash alongs. Burn up your stash and use your stash and a sock stash kal. I am going to try NOT to buy yarn and really use what I have. I have a ton of sock yarn and other things that I have around. You know I love little projects from preemie hats to recorder cases to use my stash. I want to empty a few more drawers and things. Sadly i have a huge amount of crochet thread. I used to love to make doilies for the intricate patterns. I have given or sold all the ones I have made over the last several years. I have drawers full of thread. Maybe over the summer I will either pick up the crochet hook for the thread or sell it. Stash is good and fun until you really see how much you have and try to use it!


At 1:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It sounds like you have some wonderful things planned. Good luck with the only using stash. It's so hard.


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