Saturday, January 05, 2008

Jumping into the new year!

Back to work this week. A new clerk started on Wednesday and I am back in training mode teaching her how things work. Everything is pretty much on the computer, so she needs some learning time. I tend to work at a fast pace, and need to remember to slow down and go step by step when she is with me. Otherwise I might be training another clerk! Not sure what the "thing" is in my library, but this is my 4th full time clerk in 6 years! I am a nice person really! You'd think I'd scare them away. This new one seems very nice and likes the quietness of the library. Plus I have a library student in doing some observations for the next few weeks. So there are lots of questions and explaining the whys and hows of my library. Hopefully I can have her do some reading to the classes next week. Then I can work with the clerk behind the lines. Needless to say I fell asleep at 8:30 last night!

Today is much better and I have pictures to show you too! I know you're excited to look ahead now!

I actually made the Cheveron Scarf! I didn't use sock yarn, I had some Shadows yarn in my stash so I used those. It is very soft and warm. I got to wear it yesterday to school.

I cast on for a sweater from a BHG pattern book. I used the size large cast on numbers. This thing is 3x in size ! I will have to go back and size down a bit or keep going and use this one at school when I need a second layer. I have put this one down for the time being.

I quickly cast on for Caron's Simple Shrug. I have always wanted one and the pattern on the label seems easy and fast. Of course knowing me, once it is complete, I won't like it, but I am making it for me! Remember it is all about me right now!

We have been having some crazy weather here... lots of snow and then bitter cold! It is supposed to be a heatwave today of 28 degrees!

this is a 5:30 in the morning shot when my husband got up to snowblow.
Later it looked like this:

We still have most of it. Things stayed put with the cold weather and no wind. The trees look amazing! Next week they are predicting rain!

Hope all is well with you all. I am off to the library and to get some groceries, then it is back to my shrug! Thrummed mittens are next on my list. And oh yes they are for me! Oh and I want to work up a few pairs of socks too! Better go now!


At 12:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The scarf is very pretty.
I'm sure it's not you. I think library work really takes the right person. It always seems like it really busy or very slow. Plus working with the kids can be trying. I hope the new person works out.

At 11:57 AM, Blogger Batty said...

The shrug yarn shares a lot of colors with the frozen, snow-covered shrub! Very interesting picture combo.

I like the chevron scarf, and I hope you have plenty of time to rest and knit some more in spite of training exhaustion. It's amazing how many tasks we can get used to and how many steps we take for granted. Then, when you try to teach someone else, you realize just how complicated everything is. But sometimes, that's a good thing, because that's how systems get streamlined!

At 8:42 AM, Blogger Diane said...

Very pretty!

As I tell my daughter, not all jobs are for all people. I'm sure once they find someone who fits in well they'll be there for a long time.

I hate training people. I do well for about a week and then after that I'm done.


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