Monday, February 16, 2009

First offical day of Feb Vacation

Thankfully I am on vacation this week. I hate to say how fast both Sat. and Sun. went by! Sat. was errands and a little shopping and yesterday was fun outside day. Hubby and I took the dog for a nice long hike through the nature preserve. I do love it there. It is close to our house and pretty well maintained. I watched out for birds and other things. It was National Bird Counting weekend. Funny how today there are a ton of birds in the backyard, but yesterday All I saw was a crow. I think they know I want to look for them. Pretty day and we had a ball tromping through the snow.

Thanks, I too think hubby did a wonderful job on my swift. It works so well. I wound up several cakes so I am set for a bit. He thought I might pull out ALL of the to be spun into cakes yarn... I thought I don't want to be doing this into the next month if I pull everything out... so I said I like to do a little at a time!

I have been working on my niece's birthday gifts... She will turn three in March. So here's what I have:
Ribbon T-shirt = Done! It is made out the "ticker tape" ribbon yarn from Moda Dea. This yarn was gifted to me, but can be found in the dollar store or Job Lots around here. Pattern can be found here... Ravelry
I made one for my other little niece in the pinkie purple color way. Love this pattern! Wish I could make one for myself. A friend mentioned it would be a really cute dress too if you made the front and back longer... next time!

Pablo Penguin is done? Almost done? He is really cute as is, but does he need a bow tie? Hat? Scarf? I just can't make up my mind, but he is mainly complete. Pattern is from Knitted and Felted Toys book. Chilly Billy is make on size 3 needles, but not Pablo here... He is made of worsted yarn on size 10's. He is squishy and lovable.

Last on the list is the felted kitty bag. Pieces are done, but I need to felt. I have a bag and slippers to felt all at the same time so I am waiting until I finish those. Just cast on for the slippers this morning. Hope I like them.


At 1:49 PM, Blogger Diane said...

She'll just love that pink top. It came out so cute.

Totally jealous of your swift.

At 4:24 PM, Blogger Gloria said...

The sweater is adorable I love that color pink on little girls!

Nice job! Enjoy your week off!

At 8:08 AM, Anonymous Karen said...

The top for your niece is adorable. I can't believe she's going to be 3. Time just flies.
Pablo Penguin is so cute. A scarf or bow tie would look great!


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