Thursday, September 30, 2004

Almost the weekend!

The weeks seem to just keep flying by. Tomorrow is October already. I have to keep lists of all the things I have to do at home and work related and a separate list of the projects that I'd like to finish. I only wrote out through December and there are a dozen new projects! Argh... not a bad things, but lots of knitting for gifts! Doesn't leave a lot of time for charity projects. But I guess since I spent the last month or so full time on charity projects, I can get some time off for good behavior and gifts. It's not like I am making anything for myself yet... but did you see that beautiful sock yarn from the previous post? When can I use that? Soon enough I hope.

As for my charity projects for this week, I have been making socks in wool for Children in Common (CIC). I now have two pairs done and am half way through another sock. Then it is back to baby sweaters for a few projects! Will post a pic of the cute little socks over the weekend when there is a bit more time.


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