Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Lovely day

Yes, I actually went to work today and smiled at the people there! I had a meeting with the whole school district this morning and there were two hightlights... they brought in musically entertainment! A couple HS kids sang a few Billy Joel tunes. They rocked! Very fun... then a friend who also knits up a strom handed me a few vintage magazine to prerue during the meeting. There were some really fun poncho and sweater patterns! I realized that I would love to make myself a black cardigan sweater for work. Anyone out there know a simple cardigan pattern?

Yesterday was great fun too! My DH and I took a long motorcycle ride to a home-made icecream stand!~ Oh how good! I had Hugh's Double Chocolate Chocolate! It was unbelievable! DH had Coffee Brownie with homemade brownie chunks... mmm.. I didn't want to leave. DH asked if I wanted to ride into the next town and scope out a yarn store I had been talking about, so off we went. Too bad the store was closed, but I hear they have really good prices! Can't wait to go. Maybe I'll head there after school one day soon.

Still working on my purple ripple blanket. I'd like to finish this one over the next couple of days so I can start another over the weekend. And I hope I haven't made a mistake, but I signed up for the Poncho Along! Will I have time to work on this, well of course! It's going to be for me!


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