Sunday, September 26, 2004

Charity projects

It seems like the last several weeks all I have been working on is charity projects... baby sweaters for Birthright, blankets for HUGS and now wool socks for CIC. I love just making stuff... so I might as well give it away to someone who needs it right? I just got back from my HUGS meeting where I was able to bring in 8 blankets... of course I volunteered to do a delivery of 12 blankets here in town and a bag of donated yarns and needles. Why is it that I bring home more than I left the house with!
As you can see there was lots of yarn and thread, plus a set of tiny and I mean tiny crochet hooks (size 7 to 14), odd ball yarns that I work in with the stuff I have here to create wacky and funky blankets to donate again! There was a ton of old booklets that I grabbed just a few that looked interesting! I emptied everything out on the couch and found a new size 5 circular knitting needles! To match the set I picked up last time I was there! Now I can try socks on circulars! Yea! Some much stuff was there and I didn't want to seem greedy grabbing everthing I saw, but it all gets made into charity projects that I donate again, so that's not really greedy then is it?
While I was there, I was invited out to lunch with a few other volunteers. Sweet peeple that I sit with everytime I go to the meetings (about 5 years now!) So we traded email addys and will get together in the next few months to lunch and talk patterns and projects! And I got to work on my CIC wool socks.


At 7:13 PM, Blogger Kimberly said...

The socks are just too cute!

I'd love to make more things and donate them. I'm signed up for a baby blanket and a hat. I concerned about finishing them on time!

What an inspiration you are!


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