Sunday, October 10, 2004

Ahhh... fiber

I just got home from visiting an alpaca farm around the corner. I was so excited. Those creatures are adorable! I have been thinking of what to do when I retire (in 20 years) maybe I too will own an alpaca farm! They are smaller than llamas and oh so cute! I went to see the spinning demos, but I was sadly disappointed since there were none! But I didn't leave empty handed! See what I got:

FOUR whole ounces for homespun alpaca fiber yarn! It is a beautiful shade of dark browny-gray! Just lovely. I have the sock pattern already picked out in my head for this lovely yarn! And you will never believe what I paid for this bundle of joy! No not the original $56 nor the markdown price of $48.... but the yarn was on sale at 50% off! So I got this for $24! I was skipping out of there! Should I have purchased more ... Yes probably, did I need more, well no but I could always find a use for it! I may pet it for a while before I knit some socks with it. With four ounces I may even get two pairs out of it!

There were lots of people starting to arrive and I have until four o'clock to decide if I want to go back and purchase more fiber... Oh it was so lovely and in several colors! Maybe I'll drag DH out there when he arrives home. I have a huge bag of grey fiber from this farm that I need to learn how to spin myself! I've had it for two years and I just haven't gotten around to it. I am promising myself that I WILL learn how to spin fiber this year!

Now I am off to the couch with a hot pot of Earl Grey tea to finish (yes I am VERY close) my bookclub book... The Stone Diaries for Tuesday night. If I am good and finish the last 90 pages today then I will start on a baby sweater for a shower that I am invited to the 20th of Oct.


At 12:18 PM, Blogger Maureen said...

Gorgeous yarn, Maureen....I would love to visit an Alpaca farm. What socks do you want to make with the yarn? I just did a search on your book. It sounds like a interesting read. I just bought "The Time Traveler's WIfe". Everyone who has read it, raves about the book.


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