Saturday, November 06, 2004

The Weekend

Wow, The weekend is here already. It feels like I just blogged yesterday. I got up early today to get some things done around the house and hopefully outside of the house, but here I sit on the computer trying to catch up from the week. I hate to say that I am busy at work, but I don't even take a full lunch these days and I need to start! I am tempted to bring in my sound machine and have it running in my office when I get in there so I can take a deep breath! Everyone else fines the time to take their lunch and their planning and prep time, so why not me! Starting Monday!

On the knitting front, I finished the ripple americana blanket I was working on and started a pair of mittens with the yarn I picked up earlier in the week. It is so pretty! I'll take a pic and post it tomorrow. I may have to buy some and make a pair for me with this lovely yarn combo! My goal for today is to finish the mittens that are on the needles today after I do a bit of "work" of course! I was hoping to start a little Christmas shopping as well today... and pop in at the LYS nearby. We'll see how I do with this plan.

I want to give myself a haircut before DH comes home from work this afternoon. We have a surprise wedding to attend at 5:30 tonight! Shhh! I know that sounds strange, but my DH's dad is getting remarried tonight! We were invited yesterday to the "ceremony". I don't know if anyone else will be there. I'll keep you posted on all my events of the day!


At 9:47 AM, Blogger Maureen said...

Hope you had a good time at the wedding cermony. That is so sweet to renew their vows. Thanks for your comments about the striped mittens. What I usually do with the left over is roll them into two equal balls. Then I knit both mittens at the same time, so I can get the stripes even. It is great for using up the tiniest scraps.I second the notion about you taking your lunch. You need that time ...especially with the holidays approaching and all the hub bub.


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