Sunday, December 26, 2004

After Cmas day

We survived Cmas... Everyone loved all the knitted socks I made... people have even worn them on Cmas day! Funny! I did get a lovely gift certificate to the LYS! Can wait to spend that!~ Of course I promised myself I would used up some, not all, but some of my odd skeins of yarns I currently have. So have bags of baby yarns and bulky, plus 4 ply. Way too much for my small space. So again I will try to use up all my small scraps of yarn and odd balls in afghans for charity. I have been dying to try the psychedelic knit square pattern, so this might work out well!

My new niece Gracie and her parents love the little fuscia and purple knit/crocheted accent sweater I made... I whipped up some purple matching thumbless mittens and a cute crocheted strechy hat with crocheted flower. She is going to be smashing in that outfit!

Now what I'd like to work on it the beaded socks for the 6 along, but I have yet to find the beads to use. I thought I had some, but I don't think they will work. So I guess I'll have to buy some! I also what to think of something small to work up for gracie on her Christening day Jan 9th... I am at a loss as to what to make... Other than those things, I have a LARGE pile of books I want to read while I am on vacation this week! Right now it is My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult.

Until later when I can post a few more pictures.


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