Tuesday, December 07, 2004

First Snow of the season

Yes, it is December and we had the first snowfall. We got about 3-4 inches with the threat of freezing rain, so they never plowed the roads... crazy driving conditions. But I had a wonderful two hour delay for school today. I got up at my regular time ( I can never sleep late or really fall back to sleep once I wake up) and I sat and finished knitting one of my socks for x-mas. I even got to cast on the second sock before I really had to get up and get ready for work! So I went to work and it was basically lunchtime! I taught a few classes and then turned around and came home again! Now it is pouring rain! So much for the snow. But it looked great last night with all the holiday lights on!~ Will post a pic soon of the new socks (thanks again Ed for sending me the pattern!)

I am feeling so much better! I hated not blogging or anything else for that matter! I went to the local drugstore on Saturdy and picked up a new product to try... Mucinex.... It is awesome! You only take it every 12 hours and it totally got rid of my cough! I have been sleeping in my bed instead of on the couch the last few days! Can't beat that!


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