Thursday, January 27, 2005

Flax Wheel

Well I made several phone calls yesterday only to find out there was no spinning wheel, but a flax wheel. I tried to look up flax wheels on the net, but our internet service was touchy... so I didn't find any information. DOes anyone know if you can use a flax wheel to spin yarn? Of course the store is closed today (I know on a Thursday!) And will open tomorrow. SO I will go look at it tomorrow afterwork. Not sure I want to spend any money on something that I won't use.

I am working away on my crocheted shell afghan. Several more skeins to go. I even pondered this morning about putting this project down and picking up and starting a new one. Socks or something, maybe, but I kept moving along on the blanket. I just couldn't bring myself to start a second project when I am working on one.... will I ever change?


At 1:50 PM, Blogger Sharon said...

Will you ever change? Better question is do you need to change? You work on one project at a time....why is this a problem. Or you decide to have several going simultaneously....why is this a problem? For years, I heard my mother's voice....Finish what you start. Now I answer back to that voice....I'll finish when I finish. Maureen, there are no rules about this, or explanations needed. Do what's right for you.


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