Tuesday, January 25, 2005

I am incredible

Well, maybe not incredible, but I can't believe that I am posting again and with a completed project picture! I finished off a second wool vest to mail to CIC over the weekend.

Personally I think it came out pretty cute. I combined a few patterns that I had foun on the internet and one that I had from an old pattern book at home. Double strand sof wool in a purple heather tweed and a beige tweed combined with off white and man this little vest is so cute! Hopefully it will keep a young child nice and warm!

This morning I picked up more of my stash yarn and started a shell afghan in white and mint green to put in my charity blanket pile. I only have a few rows done... My wrist is acting up so I may switch over to a knit project. Maybe a few pycho-delic squares and back again. We'll see. Oh and I can't believe it, but they are forecasting more snow! It felt like a heat wave today as the temperature reached 22 degrees!

I can't believe it but, on my way home from the public library I was looking for this new vegan place ..(2 people told me it was there, but I have not seen it after two weeks of driving up and down the main street!) and low and behold in one of the many antique shops on the street, there in the window was a spinning wheel! I couldn't believe and almost hit the car in front of me as they nicely stopped for the red light. I turned the corner toward home to call the store and inquire about said wheel. Store was closed! How dare theyNow I must wait until the morning and possible the afternoon to see about the wheel and price. Can I just tell you how I have been longing to have a small herd of alpaka to raise for the fiber! Ok so I can have fun names for my newly spun yarn! Sunshine, Bucky, Cocoa, Brussell... Of course DH says that we don't have the backyard space for a small herd.... But I am still going to find out about the spinning wheel!


At 7:11 PM, Blogger Marguerite said...

Yes, you are incredible!

Cute vest. I'm sure it will keep a young child nice and warm.

At 8:07 PM, Blogger Maureen said...

The vests came out wonderful.... I certainly admire all the charity work that you do.Can't wait to hear about the wheel. I want to learn to spin someday...it is on my long list of to do's.


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