Sunday, January 09, 2005

Oh Yes there is snow!

Hurrah! We did have a snow day on Thursday and around three in the afternoon, I started coming down with "something" arg! Getting sick on a snow day is not fun! I worked on my socks and stopped at the toe. Friday was a work day and I left early with a fever of 101.6! Scary, since I am below the normal 98.6... so over a 100 is a little frightening! Drove home and curled up in bed. My wonderful DH went out to the store and bought everything I asked for.. soft tissues (the ones at school are like sandpaper!) vit. c drops, and hot chocolate. Of course he came back with may other things including o.j. and cold tablets... what a nice man. Saturday I could barely walk, let alone stand up... I missed the snow coming down as I tried to hold my head... and the fever came down to 99.7... getting better. And today I am just feeling achey with a normal temp. You know I must have been sick since I didn't knit or read for three days straight! Today I finished up the toe on my beaded socks! Yeah they are complete! My first project of the new year. I will post a pic tomorrow since I am getting a bit sleepy and want to curl up on the couch now. I am happy to feel a bit better each day, hopefully tomorrow I will be on my way back to perfection!

Thanks for all the lovely comments about my choice of colors for our rooms and the beaded sock! It feels like we moved into a new house with fresh walls! All grand and grown-up!


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