Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Ahhh! Done!

Oh yes! I did finish my lovely alpaca socks in te cascading leaves pattern from the Townsend KAL. I didn't finish them Sunday, but I did have them before 6pm on Monday! So overall not bad. Those darn SuperBowl commericials were just too distracting! Footbal not so much with this game, but I had to actually stop knitting and look up at the tv to hear and see those crazy ads! So I did get to wear the socks on Tuesday which was my ultimate goals... so here are the loovely ladies:

They were so lovely to wear and so soft and silky. I am afraid I felted the bottom of them by accident since it has been a spring thaw here and my shoes get wet, and well walking in the socks and shoes, well you understand the felting process... so you can't make out the stitches too well on the bottom of the socks! :)

Oh and whipped these cut elittle booties up Monday night as well for a friend who is expecting. She told me today that she loved them. So cute and so soft.

They came out with fun stripes because of the colored thread throughout. I worked these up with the yarn I bought over the weeknd... see pic below... oh and that skein of Wild Cherry Hill is called "Jewels"... can't wait to work that one up too.

All I can say is this is why I can not get any sleep at night! I fight for space with two cats and this big fella! Enough said...


At 9:27 AM, Blogger Maureen said...

Love the socks...I bet they are warm and toasty. That is a great picture of the "Kids" hogging the bed. I bet the receipent of the booties will be very happy too.


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