Wednesday, February 02, 2005

More Knitting

I seem to be knitting more than crocheting as of late. Crocheting big projects hurts my wrists, so I may be a knit-convert soon enough. I find so many different patterns that I want need to try out! From sweaters, shawls, squares, vests, and of course socks! I opened one of my storage drawers the other day to look to see what I had for sock yarn in anticipation for the sixsoxKAL announcement getting close... and well I have plenty of sock yarn for several pairs of socks and then some! I decided maybe I should knit up a few pairs for me then use the leftovers for the toe-up striped pattern that was announced yesterday.

I had a productive weekend over all. I think I read more than knitted, shhh! don't tell, but here's what my weekend produced:
Just a few more squares for my crazy scrap afghan.

Then on Monday I cast on Jeanie Townsend's Cascading Leaves pattern from her KAL. I wasn't sure I liked how they were coming out in this alpaca yarn. The yarn is beautiful and soft. I had gotten it back in October at the local Fiber Festival. I even dreamed how I could fix it so I liked the socks better. I woke up Tuesday morning with a better outlook and only got to work on a few rounds. Today I picked them up again. The pattern is a repeating 8 rows... so I am on the 4th rnd of the pattern. It looks pretty good. They will be a warm, but lightweight sock. Of course after sifting through my sock yarn stash, I realize that I want to make many pairs of socks for myself! I have even contemplated buying more sock yarn since I had recently seen it on sale! More socks for me of course! Remember I am not selfish, I did knit every member of my family a pair of socks for Christmas this year... spreading the good sock cheer! Here is how far I have come:

Now back to my knitting!


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