Friday, February 04, 2005

Busy, busy, busy

Friday night is here and I am issueing myself a challenge... I am at the gusset of the first socks and I want to finish the pair before the weekend is over. I have a workshop/meeting on Sat morning, but then I have the rest of the weekend to knit and read my book for my bookclub meeting on Tuesday. I'd like to finish this book and a pair of socks to wear to the meeting! Can I do it? I certainly hope so! I wish I could post a picture, but the A drive is acting up! So it may have to wait until the socks are complete.

I would also like to whip up a tiny little present for a friend for Monday who told me she is expexting a baby. I thought I could make a pair of booties, socks, or a hat to surprise her on Monday morning. I'll have to find some sort of pattern to use before I commit to this one, but I hope to have this mini project done over the weekend as well.

This is a pretty big feat, so I must run and knit, and catch up on blog reading later!


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