Sunday, February 13, 2005

Setting another goal for myself...

I am thinking about my upcoming vacation in another week and have decided that I would like to challenge myself once again. I have been reading lots of blogs and seeing all the wonderful things people are doing and trying and challenging themselves to so I am proposing that I try something new everyday of my vacation. It doesn't have to be a big thing, but I would like to try many things, and if I try one thing a day then I might feel a bit more accomplished... in my own head of course. I am a far better crocheter than a knitter, since I have been crocheting from about the age of nine. But I have come a long way over the last three years. There are so many projects and things I would like to spend some time on...So here's what I have come up with so far on my to try list:
  • entrelac
  • working from a knitting chart, this confuses me!
  • a knit lace pattern, possibly a shawl
  • using my drop spindle
  • an I-cord
  • a new pattern stitch
  • a knit pattern I haven't tried yet
  • a manuscript
  • visiting a new yarn store a few towns over

I know I will come up with more things as this next week progresses. I really do not have any big plans for my vacation except to enjoy myself! I really need it and deserve it! So it will be interesting to see how many days I can try a new thing... Luckily, this is only a week's vacation and not summer vacation yet!

Over this weekend, I have finished up a crocheted shawl for the CIC challenge this month and two more variegated squares. I laid out all my squares that I have made so far.. only 8, and tried to figure out how I should put them together. I will post a few pics once I have more squares done with the different combinations I have been playing with. None look great. But I'm sure something will be great once I have more done.


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