Saturday, July 30, 2005

Can't Wait!

So soon enough The 6SoxKAL will announce the next sock... and with hints flying it has been said that the new pattern looks best with a solid color yarn. So I think I know what I will be making with my new chocolate colored goodies from KnitPicks! mmmm. more socks for me!

And speaking of goodies. Another envelope of goodies arrived yesterday. A nice donation of wool.

A nice lady from the CIC listserv sent out the donation. There is a "challenge" of sweaters and vest in the fall. So now I will have some great yarns to make a few. The vests go pretty quickly with bulky yarns. So I figured I could make several to send away after I get a few more blankets done for the local charity and get to more of my stash. Yes, I am doing well getting it worked down. I finished the rainbow blanket, but haven't taken a picture of it yet. But yesterday I finished off this cute little set for the Birthright Organization in town.
Not sure I like the way the sweater came out but the Petal hat is so cute! I have several soft single skeins in the back room that will make lovely little sets. Birthright has asked for sweaters sets to make up layette set for needy families. So here I go!

Well... I have another sweater started from the same pattern as above. This one is for the teacher at work who is due in Dec. Hopefully there will be enough on this skein to make up a small pair of booties too. I am right at the start of the shoulders and sleeve increase. I should get most of it done tonight. Maybe there will be a good movie on HBO tonight. Otherwise I am finishing my book today (Cause Celeb by Helen Fielding) Interesting... and actually mostly takes place in Africa. Can't decide what to pick up next though... Dogs of Babel or Kite Runner.... I have to give back Babel by Aug 9th, but I will probably have both read by then.


At 11:37 PM, Anonymous Sharon said...

Oh oh. I haven't even started the current SixSock sock. I may never catch up. The sweater set is adorable.


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