Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Lots getting done

I have been up for hours getting lots done! We even got a walk in with the dog this morning, but the bugs were really bad! I've never had so many dive for my eyelashes! Crazy.

But on a higher note my latest Chutes and Ladder socks are complete!

I made them with the Opal yarn I won from the SixSoxKAL last month! I cast on 70 stitches and they do fit beautifully! Here's a bad close up of the chutes and ladders:

After making these and two pairs of socks for CIC I have memorized the 8 row pattern. I never thought it could happen but it has! I am on my way to finishing the second pair for CIC. After these, I am not quite sure what I will be making... maybe giving my arm and wrist a small break and reading a book or two or four! My pile is big for summer, yet so is my yarn stash. Let's find out who wins this first round this week.

Oh and I "won" a free wool raffle give away through the CIC listserv. My package arrived in the mail yesterday!

Isn't the mailing box cute! Hoot and Honey cereal! I've never heard of it, but it looks good. And look at all the lovely wool! I cast on with the yellow for the cic socks I am working on right now! Those should be done later tonight.

Well that's enough for today or at least for now. I am off to read... then sit and knit later on once the rain starts. Keep your fingers crossed for rain!


At 12:36 PM, Blogger Marguerite said...

Very very nice socks.

Like your reading idea. I think I'm off to the library in a while.

At 11:42 PM, Blogger Maureen said...

The socks are beautiful...I just love the color. What are you reading? My list of books keeps getting longer.


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