Saturday, May 28, 2005

Sat and the weekend

YEs.... I know. It has been a trying couple of weeks to tell you the truth. I started my cable top about seven times!!! It was terrible! I tried on different size needles with the new yarn I bought... then decided that I would try something in my stash. Funny that seems to work the best! Go figure. So instead of soft pink, I now have a green cable sleeveless tank coming along beautifully.

I have also started a felted bag... The bottom is complete and I am slowly working up the sides. That had to be put down until I went and bought another set of DP Needles to work in the round. So far so good.

But mainly I have been crocheting small coaster doilies. I want to give them as little gifties at the end of the school year. So far I have ten done. I think I need about 12... so I am pretty close with that. I was trying to use up some of the left over threads I have hanging around. Right now they are soaking in oxy-clean then they will be blocked.

I also have been doing some gardening. I know... but my back is feeling better and my chiropractor says it is ok with my back brace and as long as I keep up my stretching! Which I have been doing everyday! So I bought just veggie plants yesterday! No flowers! I was very tempted, but alas I held back and only put in the veggies. Plus my wonderful husband has been very garden busy for me. Heput in 10 new blueberry bushes and ten small lilacs! Dug up the garden, roto-tilled, composted, and made rows for me! So a little small digging worked well for me!


At 12:26 AM, Blogger Maureen said...

Glad to hear your back is feeling better. I have been thinking of you. Can't wait to see what felted bag you are working on.


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