Sunday, May 08, 2005

No pun intended...

I realize now that my last post was called "I'm back" and I am having some issues with my back, but never fear, I truly did not intend to make a pun there!

Thanks for the kind words of support. Doing even better today. Thankful no more shooting back across my lower back. Just a bit of muscle ache. That's better than the pain. I even got to put my own socks on all by myself yesterday! Yahoo! I staying in an knit up a storm yesterday and today I ventured out to the library and the grocery store! I can even get in and out of the car in seconds flat! If you had seen me last week you too would have been cringing in pain watcjing me struggle in the car! But alas! I can move freely now... well easier.

And here are my new little lovelies!!!

And oh my I think I am in love with these socks! I used a new to me yarn: Lang JaWoll and oh my is it scrumptious!! It feels so good and the socks are perfect! I love the little cups I worked into the pattern too! I think there might even be enough yarn left over for a second pair! oooo! Dare to dream!
I didn't take a picture, but I picked up my DH b-day socks. I have to close the toe on one and start the second. I had to have him try them on last night to make sure I am making them big enough for him. This KnitPicks yarn is very nice too! Very soft. Except for the needles sticking out from the toes, he really didn't want to take them off! Very nice!

And one last thing before I left you, if you like dark chocolate and mm's... run to the nearest store and pick up their new dark chocolate (Darth Vader Mix)! I grabbed a bag today and oh wow! Are they good! Plus they are in some of my favorite colors too! All dark colors - grey, maroon, purple, etc...!


At 1:18 PM, Blogger Maureen said...

Great job on the socks..I will have to try the JaWool yarn. I have seen it at my LYS. Hope the back is much better.


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