Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Another day

I finished off my post yesterday and forgot to mention so many things... Here's hoping I can still remember them all! :)

Held another knitting group meeting at work on Thursday. Another person showed up and everyone there seemed engaged and interested in other's projects. So I think for now it will be about once a month and then a break for summer since we have the time off. Maybe then we can get a few more people to join next year if we start up again in Sept.

I also went to use my gift certificate and 25% educator's discount this weekend. I was luck to find my own copy of Stitch n Bitch! I have SnB Nation, but have had a hard time finding the first. I want to hand it to my mum and ask her to make the circular needle holder in there! She's a sewer seamstress and well... I just want one! She can even make it and give it to me over the summer for my birthday!

Dh and I got to "celebrate" our 3rd wedding anniversary on April 12th. Ok... so I picked up Chinese and we ate it with the dogs! When we eloped our dog was there with us at the ceremony, so all was good. We did got out the next night with my parents to this unbelievable Italian place. Family style dishes in HUGE quantities! So good! I think he is still eating the leftovers!

On the agenda for today is a bit of computer work, book reviews, blogging, ebay, and sock knitting! No yard work for me today! Although I was so happy to peak in my veggie garden and see asparagus popping up! This is year three so I may get to harvest a few stalks this year! Yeah, yeah, back to knitting... I am finishing another pair of CIC socks in front of my husband, and when he isn't looking I started a pair of socks for him. So while he is working today, I will be knitting him some socks with yarn from Knitpicks! He picked out the colors and I bought them over my last vacation... His b-day is June 1st... so I wanted to get them started and finished while he wasn't here to see them... and I have to think about the 6soxKAL pair as well... why can't spring vacation be longer!


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