Sunday, March 20, 2005

Lazy sundays...

What a lazy weekend so far... which is oh so lovely! I have been deligently working on finishing my entrelac afghan. I only have three 1/2 more color rows to go! Can I finsih this tonight? Not if I stay in front of the computer. I have been watching some March madness basketball, making scones, reading, and knitting this weekend. Scones are great! I even added some frozen blueberries that I had picked this summer. Oh! I wish I could eat them all the time! I will just have to think up some recipes to add them too, like corn muffins since scones use way too much butter!

I am anticipating spring now that the temps are around 40.. feels like a heat wave compared to several weeks ago. I need to see some green grass and flowers in my yard. I walked around the backyard today, but still just brown grass, mud, and piles of snow! Now stop distracting me, I must get back to my afghan. Hopefully I will have a completed picture next time! Keep your fingers crossed!


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