Thursday, February 24, 2005

Keeping busy

Ok so yesterday I didn't knit anything new, but I did get to cross two things off my list. I called about switching my IRA to a ROTH IRA!! Yeah! And I got on line and went here...Enter at your own risk! I Have never ordered yarn or anything for that matter from here, but decided to give it a whirl. And I have to admit that I order enough yarn to qualify for free shipping... yikes! I rarely spend money in large quantities, and maybe your thinking that $30 + isn't a lot of money to spend on yarn at one time, but I am not used to that behavior. Well, I did offer to make my husband some socks, so some of the yarn is for him... I got Sock garden in daffodil and Hydrangea...Some Simple Stripes in Vineyard...some Sock Landscape in Mesa and yes... there's more...Color your own Sock Yarn... Boy was it so fun picking out all that yarn! And here's the best part! I bought it yesterday and they shipped it yesterday too! I love the sound of "Your order has been shipped" Music to my ears!

  • an I-cord
  • working from a knitting chart with colors
  • a knit lace pattern, possibly a shawl
  • entrelac
  • opening a ROTH IRA - Yucky!
  • Ordering from a new online yarn source
  • using my drop spindle
  • a new pattern stitch
  • a knit pattern I haven't tried yet
  • a manuscript
  • visiting a new yarn store a few towns over
  • felting
  • hand dying yarn at home


At 1:08 AM, Blogger Sara said...

I am so inspired by your "to do" list. And you actually do them, too. See, that's where I go wrong. I can write them, not actually do them. LOL


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