Saturday, February 19, 2005

Ahhh... vacation

Today starts my first day of vacation! I have so far slept in to 7am. That's pretty good since I was woken up my the dog to go outside AND I actually fell back asleep. Highly unusual! Then I read my book, had coffee, made a potato, onion, thyme, and eggbeater omelet-thing... jumped on the computer and next I am ready to get started on my errands. Once I return home again, I plan to start my to be tried list. I have my first project planned. I'll post pics tomorrow.

But to show you that I have been busy, here are my latest goodies...

Aren't they fun! I haven't decided what exactly what to do about the 6Sox stashbuster spiral yet. I may just choose different yarn and cast on again... I did go look at the wonderful progress pictures and boy are there some good looking socks! I am jealous that I do not have the stash of sock yarn that I crave! There are a pair of variegated that a member is making and they are great. I think since the colors are so different they look great, but mine, well... humph! Sigh!
Yes, I too think that shawl came out well. I hope it makes someone warm and happy! Until tomorrow...


At 2:36 PM, Blogger Marguerite said...

Those socks are wild! I love them!

You just made me realize I've been knitting very conservative socks lately. Maybe I need to do something about that.

Have a great vacation.


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