Friday, July 22, 2005

No good title

It is Friday and early. I just dropped off my car at the mechanics. There has been some rumbling and the muffler is getting noisier so I figured I would have it looked at before school started. Plus On a high note... I sent in the last payment and received "Paid in Full" letter last week! So now that I own it, it might as well sound as good as a 1999 car can look!

Several days ago I finished up two more pairs of chutes and ladder toddler socks for CIC...

I used up all the yarn that was sent to me by another cic-er. As you can see my striped version... I try to use everything! They came out pretty cute. All went in the mail yesterday.

I also whipped up another shell blanket and am working on a granny square in scrap yarn. I really do want to empty that side room before the end of summer. I am moving right along on my - UMS movement! Next week I plan to lay it all out on the floor and sort through what I have and maybe bag things together in potential projects... we'll see. I am reading HP6, so I want to finish that book first before anything happens... plus it is that last couple of stages of the TOUR.


At 8:22 PM, Blogger Knitboy said...

I love your CNL socks!! To answer your question,my AC Moore carries Paton's wool,some wool from Chile,Lion Brand Fisherman's,a brand of cashmere,and some mohair from Katia. That's just a sampling. I would think thety can all get the same things. You may need to ask.


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