Thursday, August 11, 2005

ahhh finished...

Yes it is true... I have finished the amble gansey pattern of the latest 6SoxKal.

Not the greatest picture, but hey they are complete! I used the new solid KnitPicks sock yarn. It isn't as soft as some of their other sock yarns, but it feels good on the foot.

And it is a good thing I finished these because in the past week, three more people told me they were expecting! My sister included! So I will be an acutal auntie on my side of the family. I have lots planned for her and for the other close friends who told me this week. Luckily I have until March (for all three), but I would like to get a few things started and complete so they are ready to go... can you imagine the baby showers?!?! I finished my socks and picked up the yarn for another baby sweater for the co-worker who is due in Dec. I found a cute baby bootie pattern from the Lion Brand catalog I want to try, so that set will be complete in a matter of days!

It is almost my 1st blog-versary! That is Aug 20th I do believe and my birthday is coming up this weekend! My mother just invited me to lunch on Sunday and my husband is out at the mall shopping right now! Hmmm. Can he keep my presents a secret until Sunday? Let's see. I vote no. He is a big kid and loves to tell secrets!


At 8:56 PM, Blogger Mrs.Curvy said...

You finished the other sock! They look great on you! I still have to make myself some. Make sure you post on your birthday. So I can wish you a happy birthday!


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