Friday, November 11, 2005

A day off..

Things have been a little nutty around here. I wish I was talking about fudge or something good, but alas no. We have been housesitting and barely eating dinner at home this whole week. I had two workshops (how to make pop-up books) and two appointments after school this week and here we are on Friday and I get a day off from school! FInally! Four day work weeks are so much longer than five. Go figure!

Since we have been at a house with three dogs, I haven't taken my knitting with me this week. I am trying to squeeze in some time to work on DH"s socks, but he is always with me. At least this week. Hopefully next week will be back to normal around our own house and I can knit after school instead of going places. I have almost reached the toe on one of his socks, so I am making some progress. I also cast on for a pair or mittens, but I haven't made it to the thumb yet. That is my project that I work on while he is in the room when we are at home.

But since I have two books to finish by Tuesday night, I have been reading. Of course the books are not holding my attention, so I am not getting very far with them. Sad! Today I plan to do something with my hair and sit and knit while DH is off working! Maybe I'll get to finish one sock today! I'll post a few pictures soon!

I am off to read some blogs and do a little online Christmas shopping. Hopefully more for others than for myself! :) We'll see!


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