Sunday, December 11, 2005


After much thought over the weekend, I have decided to not make the Trellis sweater for my sister since the date is rapidly approaching. I will finish it for another couple we know who are due in May. This is a very slow and tedious pattern for me and I am afraid I won't finish in time for the shower. Yes, I know I could make it for the actually birth, but I am not sure this sweater will go over well in the color I chose. I know this much sound strange, but my sister is well, very opinionated, especially since being with child. I will make this sweater for her later on especially since the pattern goes up to 18 months. I do love the pattern and it is coming out well, but I am so slow making this one! Thankfully this is the pattern with corrected errors and not one filled with errors.

We didn't end up getting much snow from Friday, just about 8 inches. Most of it is melted away today. I spent the weekend making a baby sweater for charity in white, a pair of mittens and starting a second pair while deciding over the trellis. I also made a pot of potato leek soup for my lunches this week. I have also started the book "Wicked" by Gregory Magire. So far I really like it. It is for my bookclub on Dec. 19th. Hopefully this week I can get those clogs felted to! I'll keep you posted.


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