Tuesday, June 20, 2006

A little catch up

My best laid plans always seem to be delayed. I was trying to post yesterday, but decided to shut off the computer with the thunderstorms that rolled in. And once the computer gets shut down, I tend to forget what I needed to do there and go on happily knitting! So don't feel too sorry for me!

One day left of classes with the kids, then two days of clean up and meetings and I am on a little summer vacation! My stack of books is ready and a mental list of projects to knit too! But first, here is my progress with the tropicana socks from MagKnits.

The yarn is Fortissima Cotton Colori. Not sure what the color is or even wher I picked this yarn up?!?! But it is working up nicely and hopefully should have the second sock finished before the weekend since this is already Tuesday!

I also wanted to show you what I made the fathers for their big day on Sunday:

My step father, father-in-law and even my stepfather-in-law all love chocolate covered cherries... as well as my husband (but he isn't a father... I just make a few extra for him to eat!) I found this mold on ebay several years back and it works great for these treats!

Tonight is bookclub at my sister's house. We read "The Teahouse on Mulberry Street" which is set in Ireland. No idea what we'll choose next. All I know is I get to see my neice Ellie for a bit tonight!

Added bonus... a quick pic from my side garden.


At 3:26 AM, Anonymous Dipsy D. said...

Yummy! Those chocolate covered cherries sure made me drool - may I come over and eat them all at once? ;) I doubt there'll be much left of them today though!
Your socks are coming along so fine, the colorway you're using is really amazing, reminding me of summer and sun and ocean and and and... wow, you sent me all dreaming here!
And I love your flower shot, awesome color!

At 4:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your socks look so nice. I love blue yarn.
The chocolate covered cherries look yummy. The golf ball mold is such a good idea for men.
Do you listen to podcasts? I happened on an interview with Brenda Dayne and she supplied a sock pattern to the podcaster. It's a really nice lace pattern. I thought you might be interested. Here's the link. http://homepage.mac.com/jeffhaywood/craftsanity/page27/page27.html

At 4:16 PM, Blogger Emma said...

The socks look great. And so do the chocolate goodies! Yum. I bet they loved it.


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