Thursday, June 29, 2006

Look what I've been up to

Now yes, school is out, but this week I have been meeting with several other librarians (3 of us knitters) to work on our curriculum for the fall. We spent lots of time brainstorming and chatting and writing up our goals and plans... meanwhile here's what I got done at our daily meetings this week

That's right.. it broadripple baby! I have been crazy to try this pattern and very nervous at the same time. I don't always feel that my knitting skills are on the up and up, but man do I love this pattern! I may have to pick out more from my stash to make a second pair. After I try several other patterns! I am really going to work hard this summer to use up a lot of my sock stash! I have (as many of us do) the bad habit of buying mainly sock yarn. I have a dresser filled with sock yarn. I have mentioned that I would like to have my own summer of socks and man have I been rocking on this challenge! I think I have four or five pairs of socks knit in the month of June! Not to mention two pairs from May! Yes most were for me, but a few were child socks for CIC in wool. I would love to say that I will use up my whole stash, but I don't think that is possible at all. I have not purchased any new yarn since the middle of April though! So my goal for my summer is socks and using my sock stash. I know it is possible. My husband was wondering as I finished the last pair if I was planning to knit him another pair. I said yes and cast on another pair for me! Maybe he'll get lucky next time since I am coming to the tow of the broadripple and will probably finish these tonight! Sometimes it is good to be me!


At 5:14 PM, Blogger Dene said...

Your Broadripples are gorgeous! It has always been one of my favorite patterns.

At 8:54 PM, Blogger Emma said...

Beautiful job. Love the colors!


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