Friday, August 18, 2006

No good reason

Sorry it has been several days since my last post... I have been absent for no good reason. I wish I could say I was out doing lots of fun things, but alast no. I will catch up up on the last couple of days in a paragraph or two.

I was sadly disappointed to find out on Monday that the Indian restaurant closed and the renamed the place which we didn't find out about until several days later. So no wonderful birthday dinner of yummy Indian cuisine. Instead after several frustrating hours I was asked if I had a plan B, I said order a pizza because I am tired and hungry! It was our favorite pizza and we curled up in the livingroom and watch a rented movie. I was hoping for a adventure out on my big day, but no.

I received many nice things for present (nothing knitting or yarn related however). DH gave me some dark chocolate MM's, new kevlar motorcycle pants and gloves, a handmade wooden step for my workouts, and a small flash drive. My mom gave me several clematis for the front because I mentioned I wanted to put some there so they wrap around the lamppole. Sister's gifts have yet to arrive and MIL just handed me a gift card to Border's this afternoon. So technically it has been a little celebrating all week.

The rest of the week has passed in a flurry of craziness. Here and there, babysat for my neice, bookclub, cleaning up the house and yard, reorganizing the craft room, and last night we went to a concert at SPAC. We saw GUSTER. We are heading back tonight to see 311. Last night at SPAC was quiet and not very crowed, however tonight is going to be a huge change. Hopefully it will still be fun.

Yes, fellow knitsters I have been knitting and working on my FEFI! Here she is as of yesterday:

I have done several more rows and hopefully I can finish with the body of the sweater by the end of the weekend. I sadly my have to go grab one more skein of the dark charcoal. I may have enough for the sweater, but not the button bands. We'll see. Keep your fingers crossed. FEFI is coming out really well. I am really happy with it except she is really heavy and the humid air is bad, so I may slow down on her. I like the colors I chose except you can hardly see the dark eggplant color I have in there. Hopefully once the whole thing is done it will stand out a bit better. I really want to get two more pairs of socks done before I have to go back to school, but maybe I am just dreaming about that deadline.

Not much else is happening beside the hot weather again. I was going to head over to school today just to check in and open the mail, but my DH asked me to come with him when he dropped off a wooden platform for a client and look at some of the things in her gallery. We had a fun morning and afternoon looking at art and seeing my MIL.

Just found THIS today. With everyone knitting dish/wash cloths, I thought this one looked like a lot of fun to have or make as a gift.

I will leave you with a little beauty I captured in my garden this week...


At 11:05 PM, Anonymous Sharon said...

Wouldn't the colors in those photos make a great sweater!!! Gorgeous pictures.

At 4:10 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your sweater looks gorgeous. I think the eggplant will be more noticeable when finished and in person. And I love the garden pictures.

At 8:54 AM, Anonymous Dipsy said...

I really love how your FEFI is coming along, it's already so beautiful ! And such great garden pics, thanks for sharing them!


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