Thursday, October 25, 2007

Almost Friday

Thankfully it is almost Friday. It has been a very long week. I think there is a full moon this week which could explain some of the craziness with the kids at school. Me? I am simply exhausted!

I am working hard on "Secret of the Stole" I am closing in on clue three and should finish the last couple of rows tonight. Of course there will be another clue tomorrow! Just when I feel like I am catching up another part is put in front of me. I have been working on a diagonal scarf for a friend. He wanted a very long and very soft scarf to wrap around himself. Well it is very soft, and hopefully I ordered enough yarn to make it very long.

DH is off overnight to NYC to paint a new condo. I wish it were longer than overnight so I could start his last x-mas gift. I want to make him the "We might be pirates" hat from Hello yarn (i think that's where the pattern is from). but I don't think I will be able to get things cast on if he will be home tomorrow night. I will just get my stole caught up and maybe work on the diagonal... Hopefully I can stay awake to get work done on at least one of them.

Will post a few more pics tomorrow or over the weekend!


At 7:56 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This has been the longest week and yes, the moon is full, or at least seems that way.
You have been so busy with your knitting. I am such a slacker.


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