Friday, February 01, 2008

Happy February!

Lucky for me I have a snow day today and no school. Ofcourse nothing is falling from the sky at the moment, but 180 of the local school districts decided to close completely today and several are open but closing early with no pm activities. Weather report states snow within the next 30 minutes and then turning to heavy ice then to rain. A little crazy weather eading our way. But that will give me time to do a little cleaning, cooking, reading and knitting that I wouldn't have other wise. No complains here!

What have I been up to... well I completed the BSJ:

It turned out diferent than I thought, but the pattern does work out nicely. I guess I needed to do a trial run before I play with colors or striping now that I know what parts go where on the sweater and how it really folds together. I haven't seamed it because my knitting groupwanted to see how it is folded together to make a sweater. Of course I might cast on for a second one before the end of the month. Who knows.

I did cast on for a neckwarmer for my husband. He wants something for his neck and face when he is skiing. It is a cute and quick chunky pattern with cables. I just didn't get a picture yet. I also cast on for SOTSii, but I made a mistake in the first section of the pattern and I want to be wide awake when I rip it out and see if I can pick up the stitches and figure out the row I will be on. I cast on with another cone of natural cream that I had in my stash.

No yarn buying yet! I made it through January! I did knit a mile too!
Scarf = 300 yards
shrug = 750 yards
short socks = 100
BSJ = 646 yards
total = 1796 yards with is just over a mile! Wahoo!

I alsogot a little surpise in the mail yesterday! From DOVE...

This so cute little bag and samples. I sent away for it and it is nicer than I thought it would be! I may become my new knitting travel bag!


At 12:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The bag from Dove is great. Don't you love getting more than you expect.
The BSJ is so cute. I have seen some with many tiny stripes. It would be a great way to use up bits of yarn.

At 8:38 PM, Blogger Batty said...

Great BSJ! I actually like the way the color stripes worked out. As it is, they mirror the shape rather nicely.

You gotta love a free knitting bag. I still use the free tote we got when DH and I registered for wedding gifts almost 5 years ago!


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