Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Lots of time tonight!

We had a ton of snow yesterday and last night! It was pretty scary driving home after school. Roads were not safe at all! We also had a 2 hour delay this morning to give the crews time to clean up. My little town did great, but the one next door (were I have to drive to work) was still terrible this morning! Chucky icy roads don't make good driving. I got lots done this morning with my extra hours, so I figured I drop in and post here ... yes I wwas planningto do it this morning, but I decided to get in a workout so I would be free after school... and here I am!

I got to finish and even test drive my new thrummed mitts!
They came out a lot better than I thought. I guess my expectations were so low on my abilities to do them correctly I actually did pretty well over all. If and went I make a second pair, I will use more fleece. I really was unsure of the whole process, and I seemed to have skimped a bit on the fluffy goodness. I my see if I can go back and weave a little bit more in some bare spot. Overall a fun and almost painless project! Oh and I found the pattern I was looking for with the thrumms from bulky yarn. It was in a book called "Dyeing to Knit". Haven't had a chance to really look over the pattern, but at least I found it!

Clue three for my SOTSii is complete, but no batteries in camera, so I will show you next time. I also whipped up the Lionbrand bunny blanket too... so I will have to find batteries soon for us all!

I have been RAKed! I joined a group over at Ravelry and I received a fun and truly wonderful package today!
Some fun beads for some stich markers, great pens, lotion and a pop! Cute cat card too! Thanks to Mary for sending the goodies my way!


At 8:57 PM, Blogger Kerry said...

OMG!!! The mitts are awesome! I love the colors and I can just imagine how squishy warm they must be. :-)

At 7:21 AM, Anonymous Karen said...

Your mittens are fantastic!! I've always wanted to knit a pair. They must be so warm.


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