Monday, April 21, 2008

Back to Work Monday

What a lovelt weather week to have a vacation and stay home! It feels like it should be summer vacation instead of just spring! We are having a little heat wave this week too. This is not my favorite time to be at school, mostly because I don't know what to wear. That sounds really bad, but it can be hot and cold within minutes it seems. Do I wear short sleeves and bring a sweater... or wear a sweater and hope for the best. It drives me crazy because whatever I choose I always make the wrong choice... I will be too cold or too hot. Oh well. It means summer can't be too far away now. Someone mentioned 9 weeks. It doesn't seem like much, but I know it is sometime away still.

Vacation was nice. I spent a lot of time reading in our new cabana we bought for the deck. It zippers so it keeps the bugs out and the breeze can still find you. It was very nice! I got out into the gardens too. Raked and tended. I even put in some peas and lettece. I have sprouts so far... I should go water tonight!

Yes I did some knitting too. I finished sewing together the airy fairy, but I haven't found toule yet for the skirt. I think my mom might have a bit to give me... so pictures there soon. I cast on for a socks:
You can't tell from the picture but there is a huge amount of pink and baby blue in this yarn. I am not a fan. I didn't really see it on the skein, but as soon as you start knitting the pink is right in your face. I will finish these socks, but I will put them away for CIC I think. Of course I was hoing they might be for my husabnd, but the pink! Then I am not really a fan of red or pink, so I will donate them and someone will love them!

We are also house sitting for my FIL and the 2 dogs. So I wanted something easy and mindless to travel with me for a few days. I cast on and completed the "My so called Scarf". It is a lovely stitch pattern. I had some Manos de U. left over from another project so I thought I might as well use it and it is lovely yarn and works well for this pattern!

I will work on the socks, but I also started a crocheted market bag. I am doing it smaller than recommended, but I want it for fruits and veggies at the market without using the plastic bags. We shall see if it works well and turns out well.

I never remember to say this.. but I truly enjoy all the comments people leave on my blog. I love getting them and thinking about what people leave... whether it is pattern suggestions or books suggestions or just a nice little "what a lovely job" or "beuatiful project". A huge thanks to all who stop in to read whether you leave a comment or not. Know that it is appreciated! Hope you all have a wonderful week!


At 9:12 AM, Anonymous Karen said...

The scarf is lovely. I've been thinking about making on in that pattern. I just might have to.
The Trekking yarn is like that, hiding the colors you don't like. I had it happen with mine. I was so surprised.

At 1:35 PM, Blogger Briley said...

It amazes me just how different the "So Called Scarf" looks in all the different yarns people choose for it. Yours looks great!


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