Monday, April 14, 2008


Thanks for all the wonderful wishes for a truly happy anniversary! We did have a very nice day! He worked for a few hours in the morning and I as you know cleaned a few parts or really corners of the house (randomly of course)! We got Indian take out for a wonderful dinner and got to hike with the dog for a bit too in the afternoon... Nothing really exciting, but we don't mind! A very lovely day!

Ok... here they are pictures:
It is from the lionbrand site. It is the super easy hooded cardigan sweater. I didn't have enough yarn to make a hood, so I picked up stitches and made a small collar to brng the whole thing together.


Here it is flat. You make the back, two fronts, sew the shoulder and pick up sleeves. It was super easy and pretty fast. I might consider making it again for a few charities. It comes in different sizes so I could make it in wool for CIC. The yarn was from the local dollar store. I picked up random colors and grabbed a few others today to make a "somewhat" matching blanket. These two pieces along with three other sweaters and four blankets will be dropped off this week at a clinic for new mothers in our town.

Just finished the second Mary Kruger book - she writes knitting mysteries. I liked the first (Died in the Wool) better than this one (Knit One Die Fast). She hinted at more coming out, so we'll see. SInce I am on vacation this week, I do plan to get a lot done. I wanted to pick a room and cleaned or reorganize, but I seem to pick a corner at a time. Things still are getting done though! I also want to get outside and clean the flower beds and rake the front yard. Not to mention the pile of books I would love to read and knitting projects to get to... plus we are house-sitting for the FIL and his wife for the new two weeks, so I will be back and forth. Works well with my knitting and reading plans!


At 5:44 PM, Anonymous Karen said...

The sweater is so cute!! I have seen that style of construction. It is so clever.

At 6:22 PM, Blogger Nancy said...

The sweater is really cute I love that you put that collar on there, it really made it special. Have you read any of Maggie Sefton's books? She is a knitting mystery writer also. I am just now finding knitting mysteries. Thanks for the mention of another author.


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