Friday, May 30, 2008

Busy weekend ahead

Isn't summer supposed to slow things down? Not really I guess. Tonight we are going out for my husband's birthday with his mother and stepfather. Not sure what we'll be eating, I hope someone picks a good restaurant! Tomorrow is my sister's birthday, so her husband is hosting a light grill affair! My husband's actual birthday is Sunday... so we'll do something. He is turning the big 4-0. Of course he feels and acts like 28! So it isn't a big deal in his head. He doesn't want to do anything special. We'll probably get food (last year he wanted to order pizza) and relax I guess. It'll be busy that's for sure!

I have been busy working on projects (and not taking pictures!). I got another homespun leftovers blanket done in a large granny square. And I just finished this morning a crocheted shell stitch blanket made with leftover baby yarns (I doubled it to make it go faster and use more yarn!) I want to start another tote, several pairs of socks, and who knows what else before the weeknd is over. I probably will change my mind over and over again!

Several people commented on the fact that I rarely mention the books that I read. So when I do mention my reading I will try to remember to write the title. That last book finished was "T is for Trespass" by Sue Grafton. A friend lent me the book several months ago and I know I will see her next week, so I wanted to get it back to her. If you like the Grafton ABC novels, or if you started them and got frustrated by them (I know I have)... you should read this one. It is one of her better atempts! Bookclub is on Thursday coming up so I will be reading over the weekend between all the food! I am not really happen about the choice, but it will be a fast read... It is "The Summer I dared" by Barbara Delinsky. Not exciting in my eyes, but my bookclub chose it.

Will put out some pictures next time I post.


At 7:32 AM, Anonymous Karen said...

Isn't it funny how everything gets busy all at once. At least you've had time to read and knit.

At 12:10 PM, Blogger Jane said...

Happy Birthday to your husband! My plans for the weekend include planting the tomatoes I just bought at the garden center, finishing a hat & a couple scarves and starting sock #2 of the latest pair.


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