Saturday, June 21, 2008


I started the Retro Rib sock, what seems like weeks ago (it might have been last week) and I haven't gotten very far at all! The rib going down the leg was soooo tedious! I love the look of the pattern, but I will not make these again! I don't know if I will make it through the second sock!
I chose Patons Kroy in Hickory since I had some in the stash and they used the same color for one other the socks in the pictures. I have made it to the end of the gusset, and luckily the pattern stitches are only on 2 out of 4 needles. I seriously contemplated not putting the pattern down the foot because it was slow going, but I thought it would look better if I did... so there we go.

When I need a break from the socks, which seems often, I work on preemie hats.
And I was finally able to finish up the black tote I had started. Over all I think it came out pretty neat!

School is almost out for the year. The kids have three more days and I have another half day on top of that. SO overall not too bad. I plan to do a lot and get a lot of things done this summer. We are also going to try to head back up north to stay at the cabin we were in up near Indian Lake, NY. Maybe for the second week in July. I should be able to get a book or two read, plus maybe a pair of socks or two that week. Right now I am a little behind at work getting my last minute things done: inventory of the books, orders ready for the summer, cleaning up the space report cards, etc... with only 3 and a half days left I hope I can manage most of it!

The past few months I have only gotten to post on the blog once a week, I would love to do more over the summer while I have some free time. Not sure what the plans is, but I do love getting here and posting, not to mention reading what everyone else is doing and making out there.


At 10:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good luck with the work stuff. Hope you do get to post more over the summer (no pressure) as your posts are always fun to read.

At 3:25 PM, Blogger Rebecca said...

I am knitting the Retro Rib Sock pattern, as well. It looks ok, but it is just dragging on. I hope you make it through the second one.


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