Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Back in town

Had a lovely few days away up near Indian Lake. I was going to try to post right before i left, but as many of you know, time gets away from you. We forgot to pack several items which wasn't a big deal except upon coming home! I forgot my pillow and toothbrush! Yikes! Two very important things if you ask me! Didn't realize until the late afternoon that I had forgotten to grab them. More concerned about the crazy down pouring of rain on the highway that I couldn't exactly see clearly through as I drove. Just a bit nerve wracking! Husband is still up north finishing another day of his working vacation so he will bring home my things, but I broke in a new pillow and toothbrush last night!

Before we left I was able to get my retro socks finished...
They came out very nice! I really like the way they fit. Could have a few less stitches to make the pattern really stand out, but they are done now!

I also crocheted a little bag.
I wanted to make something for the grocery store for apples, oranges, etc. I only buy a couple at a time, so hopefully this will help in the plastic dependency.

Now onto vacation... We stayed at our aunt and uncle's cabin on Lake Snow:
It is very peaceful. We were up there last July while husband was working on this cabin for his aunt and uncle. Our dog loves being up there. He isn't a city dog, he loves nature trails much more than pavement.

Got to work on one pair of socks...
Yes they are there in the picture on the table. It is the Chevron Lace pattern from Ann Budd's sock book.
Lovely pattern to memorize and work on. I pulled out some Fleece Artist yarn I purchased in VT before the Naked Sheep store closed its doors. I just loved this colorway! While knitting I brought a long a book on cd to listen to since there is basically NPR or the ipod (which I love both), but really wanted to lose myself in a good story. Man was it a great story. I listened to Miss Spitfire. The story of Annie Sullivan right before and the early months of working with Helen Keller. It is written as a Young Adult fiction book, but it is basically her biography with lots of links and bibliographies listed. SO good!

Well I am off to do a little cleaning and laundry while I have the house to myself. Post more progress soon.


At 8:35 AM, Anonymous Karen said...

The socks and bag are lovely.
It sounds like your vacation was very relaxing. What a beautiful place!!

At 12:50 PM, Blogger Batty said...

You've been busy with the sock knitting! And that bag, it's beautiful. Not to mention your vacation spot... I can just see myself floating around on a little rowboat and looking up at the clouds. It looks very relaxing.

At 3:16 AM, Anonymous teribella (rav id) said...

Great socks! (And good to know about the stretch issue; I have smaller feet, and that pattern is on my queue, so I'll keep that in mind!)

Sounds like you had a nice vacation, and hope your new pillow breaks in alright!

(happy RAK!)


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