Friday, July 11, 2008

Why don't I make the bed?

First off it is vacation... but that isn't the whole reason. I have trouble going back to made the bed once my husband is awake and downstairs... namely Chuck. He is the problem:
Chuck isn't a morning cat, or an evening cat. Actually he pretty much sleeps all day and mostly through the night. He has a 3:30 am feeding time, which he gets me up for most nights... but Chuck is a lay-about kind of cat. Notice the second grey lump in the picture too. Ella has taken to joining him on the bed. As much as I try and scoot them off, they make it back on before I can straighten up! It is summer after all!

I have been working on a number of small projects while on vacation. Small and quick seem to hold my attention better lately. Here is swiffer cotton pad:
Works pretty well too. My floor get so dirty with a big dog who rolls in the dirt!

Plus I finished my chevron lace socks too:
They came out great! I loved the quick working pattern with just a touch carried down the foot, not the whole lace pattern. The yarn is to die for! It is Fleece Artist but I am not sure of the colorway since it doesn't say on the label. I have yet to find it on the Internet, so I will keep looking. It is black with a blue, cranberry and green. Funny that even though this is from one skein, the beginning of the skein worked up completely different than the middle to end. That's how it works right?

I have a few other things I have been working on, just too lazy to take the pictures. I have been out in the garden tending my veggies. Lots of green tomatoes, small peppers too. I grilled a green and a yellow squash last night, plus made several jars of black raspberry jam and one jar of dill pickles. I have to harvest about a half down more cukes this morning and get those on some jars. I love to have my own harvest and eat on it all fall and into the winter. We talked about expanding the garden to twice its size for next year. We might need a bigger freezer!


At 3:17 PM, Blogger Sara said...

I've got three cats who give me plenty of reason not to make the bed :-)

Those socks are awesome!

At 7:48 AM, Anonymous Karen said...

I don't have cats and I don't make the bed. Maybe I'm practicing for cats:)
Your socks look great. Didn't you love the Fleece Artist yarn!


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