Thursday, August 18, 2005

Another day

No pictures today... so sorry. I have been fighting a migraine since yesterday. I feel better now, but it is still there. I also get nausua with the migraines, so laying down and sleeping is the only thing that takes it away. Needless to say I went back to bed already this morning and am feeling a bit better.

I went and signed up for SP6 this morning. If I didn't do it today while I was thinking about it, then I would forget altogether! So I am looking forward to this. I never felt I could participate before for some reason, but I am ready to give it a try!

I tried to go to work this week and see what I ordered for the library and the kids at school. The city closed the street and was doing construction! So I couldn't pull down the street plus it is a one way street... so there was no way around to get in there. So all those new books and supplies sit are in boxes! I hope to get in next week and open up the new books. Plus, I heard that my library clerk left for a better paying fulltime job. I am sad to see her go! She was a wonderful worker and a great person. This will be my third year at this school and my third clerk! Hmmm... is it me?!?!?

I did do a little shopping or actually returning on Tuesday. My husband bought me the 365 pattern stitch calendar, which I already own, so I exchanged it. I bought some clearance yarn and some Red HEart to help use up my stash. Strange I know, but I want to make a log cabin type afghan and needed some off white to add on to the colors. I am doing well with using my stash, or I was the past couple of months. I seemed to have only added the past few weeks. I am working on a few thread projects, so they don't help with the yarn! I may take a thread break and whip up a blanket quickly for the pile. My goal today is to reorganize and put stuff back in the closet now that we are done in there. I took the stuff out so my husband could in there to install a sink in the bathroom (the clost and bath are behind each other) Anyway, I need to put the stuff back int he closet. It is making me nutty seeing it out on the floor especially after seeing the hoarding Oprah show highlights yesterday. Must go clean!


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